Selection Policy

A selection committee has been framed by the Government of Jammu & Kashmir to prepare the selection list based on the performance of a candidate’s Academic Qualification, Sports Achievement, Physical Efficiency Test and Viva-voce. Members designated for preparation of the selection list are as under:

Director General, Youth Services & Sports, J&K Chairman
Principal, Government College of Physical Education Gadoora Ganderbal Member Secretary
Deputy Director Central, Youth Service & Sports, J&K Member
One Senior Assistant Professor of GCOPE to be nominated by the Chairman Member

The following procedure shall be adopted to prepare the selection list:

  1. Total seats available for a particular program shall be divided among each category as specified in the reservation policy.
  2. All seats available under the open merit category except any fractional part shall be allotted to eligible candidates in order of their merit irrespective of their applied categories.
  3. In case, no eligible candidate is available under a particular reserved category, the seat(s) including fractional part under that category shall be shifted to open merit category. In case, the number of eligible candidates available under a particular reserved category is not sufficient, the remaining seat(s) including fractional part under that category shall be shifted to open merit category.
  4. Fractional part attached to open merit category left in (i) above and seats resulting from (iii) above including their fractional parts shall be clubbed together (added) to calculate further seats to be allotted under open merit category. This number shall be rounded to nearest integer (i.e. if greater than or equal to 0.5, one seat shall be allotted).
  5. A seat matrix indicating number of seats and fraction of seat for each reserved category shall be prepared.
  6. Candidates shall be selected in order of their merit from each reserved category as per the seat matrix prepared in step (v) above leaving behind any fractional part at this step.
  7. Selection of candidates against fractional seats shall be made from only those reserved categories whose fractional part was added in step (vi) above.
  8. The fractional seats shall be given to candidates in order of their respective merit, from each reserved category, which has not been represented in step (vii).
  9. Remaining fractional seats (if available) shall be allotted to candidates in order of their respective merit from reserved category (subject to maximum of one seat per category) whose fractional part was added in step (vi) but were not given a seat in step (vii).
  10. If at any stage no eligible candidate is available for admission from a reserved category, that seat/fractional part shall be shifted to open merit category and filled up.

Declaration of Merit Lists/Selection Lists:

  1. All the notifications shall be uploaded on the official website of the College. The College does not own any responsibility for a candidate not being informed and candidate shall not be informed separately.
  2. The detailed merit list mentioning physical efficiency test points, details of the qualification examination and other components, as per the procedure of admission, shall be displayed on the College website. Complaints and queries in writing to the Principal Government College of Physical Education, with documentary proofs, if any, with regard to Merit list shall be open for two working day (up to 4:00 p.m.) from the date of uploading of merit list on website. The same shall be attended promptly. Thereafter, the Selection List shall be issued. No complaints whatsoever shall be entertained with respect to individual merit of a candidate after publishing of the selection list.
  3. The selection list shall be issued on the basis of relative merit acquired by the candidates.
  4. In case vacancies are available / are caused even after issuance of selection list, admission against vacant seats shall be made on counselling. The counselling to a course where the seats remained vacant after the issuance of selection list, shall meant for only those candidates who are in waiting list i.e. if the cut off merit of selection list was 20 points, the counselling should only be for the candidates having obtained 19.75 points and below. However, the candidate already selected in main selection list and has forfeited his/her right to admission due to non-completion of admission formalities, shall be given a chance for appearing in the counselling only after the candidates in the merit list exhausted in full. Therefore, students in their own interest shall remain in touch with the Admission Unit. While issuing the Counselling Notification on the College website, seat matrix shall also be made available and the students shall have the option to give on Counselling Application Form available on the University website while attending the Counselling Session/s. The candidates shall have to attend counselling along with the Original Marks/Qualifying/other documents. If a candidate is selected for admission, he/she shall have to submit the original certificates of Qualifying Examinations & DOB certificate on spot. Submission of original Documents shall be taken as consent of the candidate for seeking admission. After the deposition of original certificates, the candidates would be required to deposit fees within 3 days. If a candidate fails to deposit fees within 3 days, he/she shall forfeit the chance for admission, and the next candidate in sequence from the counselling list shall be offered admission.

Closure of Admission:

A notice of at least one week shall be given for the closure of admission, to provide sufficient time to all concerned to fill up all the available seats.

Refund of Admission Fee:

If a student chooses to withdraw from the course, the following four-tier system for the refund of fees remitted by the student shall be followed:

S. No Percentage of
Refund of Aggregate fees*
Point of time when notice of withdrawal of admission is served
1. 100% 15 days before the formally-notified last date of admission
2. 80% Not more than 15 days after the formally-notified last date of admission of the concerned programme
3. 50% More than 15 days but less than 30 days after formally-notified last date of admission of the concerned programme
4. Nil More than 30 days after formally-notified last date of admission of the concerned programme