Fee Structure

 B۔  P. Ed (1st Year) (Semester-I & II)

Admission Fee 50.00
Local Pool Fund 8,000.00
Building Maintenance Fund 2,000.00
Sports Development/ Refreshment Fund 900.00
Library Fund 300.00
Stationary Fund 250.00
Magazine Fund 200.00
Identity Card (Library) 50.00
Excursion Trekking Subject Tour Fund 500.00
Medical Aid Fund 200.00
College Crest Fund 150.00
College Annual Day, Project Meet, Seminar, Cultural Activities & Celebration of National Sports Days 500.00
Group Photograph Fund 300.00
Red Cross Fund 50.00
Electric Maintenance Fund 200.00
Miscellaneous Fund 200.00
University Dues
University Development Fund


University Sports Fee 50.00
Other Dues
Uniform, Track-suit, Dairy, Practical Book 5500.00
Total Amount 19,500.00


 B۔  P. Ed (2nd Year) (Semester-III & IV)

B. P. Ed 2nd Year Fee 6,500.00


 Hostel Fee

Hostel Charges for Two Years (One-Time)


Mess Fee* per month


*A candidate has to pay an advance Mess fee payment for Two Months